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Gaining the skills needed to break into tech has never been easier. 

It's your journey - and we're along for the ride. The only thing that matters to us is you know you’re meant to be in a better place than you are now. 

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We empower individuals, businesses, and communities through technology. 

Our mission is to close the opportunity gap by foraging new pathways to fulfilling, high-paying careers in the booming tech industry. The four divisions of CodeBoxx work together to develop, employ, and invest in technologists at every level.

CodeBoxx Academy

We are a workforce development solution committed to bringing the rich diversity of our communities into the creation of digital solutions. We empower people with the skills and knowledge necessary to move from lower-wage jobs to higher-paying careers in just a few weeks.

CodeBoxx Solutions, our center-of-excellence software development and artificial intelligence studio, brings real-world experience to our graduates as well as world-class solutions to businesses of all sizes. 

CodeBoxx Ventures

Our CodeBoxx Ventures group fuels innovation and nurtures entrepreneurs by providing product, project, and coding expertise to startups.

CodeBoxx for Life

The CodeBoxx for Life alumni network provides those we reach with community, employment opportunities, and lifelong support to continue their upwardly mobile journey toward financial stability and empowerment. 

Our Programs

The insights we gain from our solutions division powers our curriculum, ensuring our programs incorporate the latest trends and industry advancements. From day one, our programs immerse you in real-world job simulations, letting you experience the day-to-day life of a technologist with hands-on projects. 

“Simulating the real workspace is an effective way to teach people how to survive and thrive - a lot more effective than simply giving them a lot of information about what they're going to be handling.”

-Asche B.

January 2023 Full-Stack Development Graduate

Photo of codeboxx graduate

But we don't stop there. Our secret sauce is we go far beyond the required technical skills by integrating what’s often exclusively provided to senior-level employees in large organizations: individualized professional development and leadership training.


Our proprietary Pro Dev modules are designed in collaboration with our Employer Advisory Council to develop the most sought-after skills, like effective communication, adaptability, and a "lead from your seat" mentality. 

Full-Stack Development

Full-Stack developers are an invaluable asset to any team, having the ability to build and optimize every layer of a project from the front-end to the back-end. With a complete skill set under your belt, you'll position yourself as a versatile and highly sought-after candidate.

Our comprehensive Full-stack Development program covers a wide array of topics, equipping you with expertise in:

  • Web and Mobile Development

  • Front-end development: Create interactive, visually appealing digital experiences for users through a combination of development languages and libraries

  • Back-end development: Manage server-side operations, handle database interactions, and ensure seamless data flow to support the functionality of web and mobile applications

  • Deployment: CI/CD strategies, serverless technologies, configuration management, and data lifecycle philosophies within cloud service providers

  • Modern tech culture: Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios utilizing Agile methodologies, DevOps best practices, artificial intelligence (AI) prompt engineering, and cutting-edge development tools

  • And more!

And That's Not All!

We are constantly working to enhance our curriculum and add new programs. Stay tuned for exciting additions designed to help you take your tech career even further!

I am pleased to express my gratitude for CodeBoxx and the exceptional technologists it produces. As an employer who recently hired a CodeBoxx graduate, I am thoroughly impressed.

Our new hire possesses all the skills and expertise we were looking for, which speaks to the quality of the CodeBoxx program. Their ability to adapt to our company's unique needs and requirements is a testament to the program's emphasis on adaptability and versatility. We are confident that they will be valuable members of our team for years to come.

Osama Sabbah

President & Founder, Bedrock Inc.

Bedrock Logo

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