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Technology Training for Businesses

Build up your workforce with tailor-made technology training programs and exclusive access to our coding school’s pool of tech talent.

Stay Ahead in the Digital Race

Understanding the challenges that employers face when recruiting top-tier technology talent inspired us to create the ultimate solution: tailor-made training programs that take participants on a journey from limited tech experience to confidently developing technology solutions in just a few weeks. 

From technical sales to software development to prompt engineering, we empower people with the skills needed to achieve rewarding careers in technology. The insights we gain from our clientele in our Solutions Division powers our academy, ensuring our programs incorporate the latest trends and industry advancements.

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Upskill Your Team

Your people are your most important asset. Invest in them with robust technology training tailored to your organization's unique needs, empowering your associates with the skills and resources to unlock new career paths within your organization.

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Hire Our Grads

Our graduates are business-oriented junior developers with well-rounded skills in critical areas like communication and resiliency. They are equipped to succeed and make a significant contribution to your business.

Our Secret Sauce

Beyond teaching the necessary technical skills, we cultivate a set of invaluable professional qualities, including effective communication, unwavering resiliency, and exceptional leadership. Our proprietary Pro Dev modules, designed in collaboration with top tech employers, help program participants develop these traits so they know how to work well individually and within a team, delivering results quickly and effectively.


And we’re constantly working to innovate in this space and develop new programs that address modern challenges faced by today’s businesses.

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Help Us Transform Lives

Contribute to Coding Scholarships

Remove financial barriers for deserving individuals by contributing towards scholarships for our training programs. Your generous support will help underserved populations access quality education and workforce development training to unlock their full potential, improve their lives, and help them build generational wealth.

Let's revolutionize your workforce.

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